COVID-19 in the news: Community coverage of a global event

University of Kansas
  • Erin Wolfe, Metadata Librarian, University of Kansas

Project Description

This project attempts to apply a macro lens to a community’s response to a global situation through in-depth analysis of local newspapers’ coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. A variety of natural language processing and textual analysis approaches will be applied to articles published in four news sources from Douglas County, Kansas, beginning with the first mentions of COVID-19 in January 2020 and continuing to the present. By providing a framework to visualize and explore these articles as data, the intent is to reveal trends and patterns that develop and shift over time, content and perspectives that are included or excluded, and other features of the text.

Partner Details

  • Contact

    Erin Wolfe

    Metadata Librarian, University of Kansas


    Erin Wolfe is the Metadata Librarian at the University of Kansas, where he works with the Libraries’ Digital Initiatives department on a variety of tasks involving access to and preservation of digital materials. His research interests include computational text analysis, text data mining and visualization, machine learning, and related areas.