Building Black Kansas City

Black Archives of Mid-America
  • Carmaletta Williams, Executive Director, Black Archives of Mid-America

Project Description

Building Black Kansas City is an oral history project focusing on the African American experience in Kansas City, MO in the mid twentieth century, beginning at the end of World War II. These stories will chronicle the building of Black Kansas City through varying aspects of its culture, collecting and making accessible the voices of individuals who might not otherwise have an opportunity to share their personal stories from a bygone era. Recorded interviews will be available to anyone through our website, promotional platforms, and social media. Short three-minute versions of the interviews will feature highlights from these conversations, with full interviews available on our website.

Partner Details

  • Carmaletta Williams

    Executive Director, Black Archives of Mid-America


    Carmaletta Williams earned BA and MA degrees from UMKC and a PhD from KU. She taught English and African American Studies at Johnson County Community College and was the founding Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Scholarly publications include Do Nothin’ Till you Hear from Me: Langston Hughes in the Classroom; My Dear Boy: Letters from Carrie Hughes to Langston Hughes 1926-1938; Of Two Spirits: African American and Native American Racial Identity Formation.