B.L.A.C.K. Lawrence
  • Cia Cole, B.L.A.C.K. Lawrence

Project Description

This documentary storytelling project shows how classical music in urban communities inspires intuitive movement and value. It describes how classical music creates instantaneously powerful movements and leaders through interdisciplinary dialogue around the arts, history and sciences. Interviews and storytelling will illustrate the influence of classical music and fine arts upon past, present and modern movements. The project will weave together these stories, interviews and performances to depict under-acknowledged musical histories and dismantle stereotypes about Black art and the artists who create it. Funding will pay for studio time to record stories and music, a videographer, audio engineering and production costs.

Partner Details

  • Cia Cole

    B.L.A.C.K. Lawrence


    Cia Cole is a mom, freelance creative, soul vocalist, and classical violinist that was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Cia developed her love of music growing up, highly influenced by her parents who would often sing in local operas, church choirs and other musical ensembles. Cia would go on to join them in her first Opera in middle school as an acolyte and joining the children’s chorus in The Wise Women. In addition to joining middle and high school productions and talent shows, Cia continued her classical musical studies within the Youth Symphony of Kansas City. She even taught all 3 of her siblings the violin! Cia would go on to study professional voice with Tony Fishback at the Metropolitan Community College. Afterward, Cia transitioned to sing and study string intensively with the prestigious William Jewell College. Currently, you can find Cia singing smooth vocals with her new band The Soulful within local Lawrence Arts Collective Black Lawrence, the Kansas City Fringe Festival, or around other music hotspots in Kansas City. In addition, Cia has recently joined local orchestral ensemble, alongside her brother Victor with The Metropolitan Conservatory in Olathe, KS.